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speaking skills

Hello everybody,
I´m a new student at gymglish and I try to keep my English skills alive. Reading, listening, writing is quite ok but speaking is a problem to me because in my daily life there is nobody to practice with me. Does anybody have an idea how to practice speaking without any partner? I tried to talk to myself when I was alone and I noticed that I was always looking for words. It´s much easier to write, you can look some vocabulary up in your dictionary...


  • I'm pleased to bid you welcome, Yanne.
    It's nice reading someone who has such good command of English.

    It's funny that I'm used to doing exactly what you do, I mean talking to oneself. Playing double characters is funny. I also have to seek words. But I noticed the same went in face-to-face conversations.

    Though I think the advantage of talking to oneself is that you may say again and again the same expressions, particularly idiomatic expressions. In that way they get printed, say, engraved in your motoric automatisms and your hearing memory as well. Gee, a fellow GGuser, talked about that practice some months ago, he called that "making the squirrel cage rotate".

    Looking forward to frequently reading you.
    I give you a high-five.
  • Thanks for your encouragement - so I am going to make the squirrel cage rotate hoping that nobody will ever overhear my stammering!

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