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Am I a good GGuser?A self-exam

Hello everybody!

I think I am not the best GGuser in the forum..I think this is my five month using it but I am not very CONSTANT (??)(upps, I mean I do my lessons when I can...). This fact probably is the responsible for my slow progress...
I need to improve my fluency, grammar...I read a lot of messages from old GGusers (in the sense of veterans) and I think their english is really good (Gee, Forestine, Lucky..) Do my english become as yours??Tell me your hints...

Thank you if you read my text
BusyDRQueen (C.W)


  • Hi BusyDRQueen the not all that bad GGuser!

    These are my CS (corrections suggested):
    ...this is my fifth month...
    ... This fact is probably (or: probably is) responsible for... (responsible is not a noun but an adjective.)
    ... English (names of countries, inhabitants, languages always are written with capital first letter.)
    I'd say: Will my English become like theirs? or: as good as theirs. And I answer: I hope it's going to get well better than theirs.
    To tell a hint might be correct. However it's more common to hear: Drop me a hint..

    Keep up the good work, BusyDRQueen, and come over here as often as you can.
  • Thank you very much Gee for your corrections.

    After writing I realized about some of the mistakes I made; it is really good that somebody tell you how to do it better.I always speak English alone with nobody replying (that is the only bad thing of GG lessons!)
    Nowadays I have not too much time for studying English (I think I am studying it all my life!) but I need to improve my level;so, as you say I will keep up the work!
    "Read you" soon
    BusyDRQueen (CW)

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