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tough private eyes


I'm relatively new here and my english needs to improve.

Who can explain me this expression in the tradition of "tough private eyes" which I found on the back of the book: Dürrenmatt, "Der Verdacht"?



  • "Private eye" is another noun for private detective. That's what I picked up in the dictionary.

    I wonder whether you shouldn't have used the quotations marks this way:
    ... explain the expression "in the tradition of tough private eyes".
    If so, that would mean that Der Verdacht is a detective novel dealing with the tradition of tough private detectives.

    "tough" here could mean characterized by severity and determination, very strong and hard to influence, lacking of any sentimentality.
    Tough private eyes: Columbo, Sherlock Holmes, Derricks?

    Private Eye is also the name of an English satirical magazine but that has nothing to do with your book by Dürrenmatt.

    Take big frights at reading.
  • Hi,

    thank you so much for this extraordinary and most interesting private lesson. Concerning the use of quotation marks in this case I was unsure, because I didn't understand the whole expression.

    I shudder, my flesh creeps at reading your hair-raising blood-curdling notes.
  • Yo! Gwendo!

    Your last line filled me with admiration.
    At the same time it clearly showed that your read my dull note with an eye riveted on the heroic deeds of the private eye of Der Verdacht. Therefore the cause of your thrilling physical symptoms was lead astray by a quid pro quo.

    Keep thrilling so, Gwendo.
  • Hi L.b.

    your very esteemed reply thrilled me again and was once more a lexical cornucopia, bonanza to me. But what's the secret of (CW) at the end of your note?
  • I wouldn't be so bold as to interfere. Hence I'll let the Lycky bastard reply to the thrilling and thrilled Gwendo.
    Nevertheless I wouldn't let Gwendo wait any longer for being informed about some two-letter signs that have been made up by GGusers themselves.
    [CW] Corrections are welcome.
    [CS] as a reply to CW, a volunteer is suggesting a correction.
    [TFC] Thanks for your correction.
    It's up to you, Gwendo, to make up new codes.
    Okay Dado? Gwendo.
  • Thank you Sandy,

    in two years probably I'll have enough feeling for style to understand the subtle little things which make the difference between beginners and advanced scolars, like those in your note. I enjoy very much to read it, but at the moment it costs me a lot of time to translate.
    Fortunately I got the message, inshallah!

  • [CS] scholars
  • Hello Gwendo

    What a high-flier you are!

    I learned lots from you.
    Not the bonanza, because I knew the Piper Bonanza. Piper named one his aircraft by the name of Bonanza! A high flier like you!

    But I was stunned by your cornucopia. Never heard so far.
    I guess that Lucky bastard has been overwhelmed by the flood of words flowing from your cornucopia. That must be the reason why he didn't answer so far.

    I wish you many high-level flights and as so many happy landings.
  • Dear Gwendo who delivered a cornucopia full of lexical matters.

    Sorry for being late answering you.
    As a matter of fact, Gee was completely right. I had been overwhelmed by the flood of words flowing from your cornucopia (his very words). It was such a bonanza that I couldn't get ou of the ocean of words and I sank literally until a friend of mine who was afraid of my disappearance hired a tough private eye who made me out in the melting words pot.
    Look here, Gwendo, if my friend hadn't kwown from you that private eyes existed, I for sure would have passed on.

    Therefore I am grateful to you, Gwendo, my saver.

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