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tough private eyes


I'm relatively new here and my english needs to improve.

Who can explain me this expression in the tradition of "tough private eyes" which I found on the back of the book: Dürrenmatt, "Der Verdacht"?


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  • Oh, a long ascendent singing tone like the Chinese people do while speaking? (Nowadays the Olympics are everywhere.) Chinese seems to be very interesting. Besides it's mentioned as one of the five most frequently spoken languages in the world (English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi: on which of them do you have your future sights?)

    Your added self-correction impressed me so much. Without it I didn't even notice the grammar subtleties, which are always very hard to me.

    Corcerning the main part of your writing I will have to think it over and through for a long time (weeks?) while my dishwasher does the dishes or during car ride.

    We'll finally meet again at your loungue!

    Thank you and have a good time!

  • I don't breathe my last, but ten lines of you mean at least ten days of translation-work to me. Not only the gymglish lessons are hard, gym-coaches too. First "the carrot or.....

    Sorry to say that even after this long period of studying your article I feel unable to understand more than the superficial meaning of your words while the cryptic sense remains a mystery to me.
    Please reveal us the hidden sense of the saying: "Sufficient..."

    You don't do the dishes? Sun of a gun! What the hell did you in the lounge!

  • Hi you competent and loyal combatants, both of you,

    who with your profound and amusing articles granted me such a good return or re-entry or come-back to the higher levels of life, this chatroom, after having been overwhelmed too, but not by the ocean of litarary words. It was such an ordinary thing like a flu bug which had me in its clutches beneath on earth.

    Now I'm regaining health to continue with this hard matter of gymglish lessons, which without the ornaments of your thoughts would be much harder.
    Therefore, dont't fly away or sink down too long, (to say nothin of "passing away").
  • Grammar correction in my just posted message:
    First line of second paragraph: please read "... which was initiated ... " instead of "has been initiated". Unforgivable mistake indeed!!
  • I am sorry for confusing you, Gwendo.
    As for me, every time I come down the forum I browse any thread that has got new message. Therefore I thought you were informed of the hullaballoo that was raging on the thread "Sufficient onto the day.." at the time I wrote my latest message to you, on 3/30.
    Under that thread it had been told in different ways that by doing the dishes you had time free to muller over a thought, because everyone knows that doing the dishes is a chore that doesn't require to think a lot and let you free to let your brain wander.

    Info note: "Sufficient onto the day is one thought thereof" is a thread in this very lounge which has been initiated by Gee on January the first. The title is structured after an English idiom (Sufficient onto the day is the evil thereof). Since Jan 1 I think that give or take there has been a tip, a question, a thought posted daily. You might have your say over there. For sure it would be intersting.

    What the hell DID you DO? you asked me.
    Sure I was thinking of youuuuuu:! [long ascendent singing tone]
  • Nice to get you back, Gwendo.
    I wonder why you find the GymGlish lessons so hard.
    Now that your flu bug is over, come on with some ideas to share.
    Just one minute ago I was saying in the lounge that I was at a loss for ideas. According to what people say there over, it's because I do not do the dishes.
    What do you think?
    If by chance you could breathe something on that matter, don't fail to come and tell it in the lounge, (thread "Sufficient onto the day is one thought thereof").

    By the way, your (C.w.)seems to be useless. Your writing is amazingly high-level.

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