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Is anybody there??? I want to speak with somebody... I want to practice!!! Bye...


  • Hi Sandy! How are you? Where are you from?
  • Is anybody there??? I want to speak with somebody... I want to practice!!! Bye...
  • Hello Marcela and Sandy,

    I'm also interested to communicate with you, because I need to improve my English. I'm 62, living in Geneva and actually working to create a new activity, which will force me to better speak and understand English. That's the reason why I'm following the GymGlish's cours. I find that GymGlish is a good mean to progress, but the opportunity to talk in English is really missing. In order to solve this problem, could we not communicate per Skype ? Do you know this costfree call-system ? You only need to have a microphone to your computer (eventually a webcam), to download the Skype software (free of charge) and so we can talk worlwide to two or three or more people !

    My Skype ID is jbernard131245.
  • Hi ,what is your nationality?
  • Looking forward to learning more about your project!!! That mistake was an slpi of the pen (a slip on the keyboard I'd say!)
  • See you on Skype, Jean-Bernard!
    Looking forward to learn more about the new activity you are about to set out.
  • I'm pleased to hear you live in Buenos Aires, Marcela. Many friends of mine visited South America and namely Argentina. My twin brother lived for some years in Surinam, an ancient colony of the Netherlands. He was there in position as European Union representative. For my part, I've never been to South America and I wonder whether I will do one day.
    As you tell me you attend a course as to become an English teacher I can now understand why your command of that language seems to be quite good level.
    About me? Just the opposite of you. Your life is ahead, mine is over. To keep a tally of my age you should multiply yours by two and add eleven years! My line of work was teaching physical education in a secondary school (maybe they say high-school over there, like in US) but due to a serious illness I was put on early retirement in 2002. I'm now living in the coutryside with my present companion who is still older than me by eighteen years.
    No doubt you'll be a bit disappointed to know I am not a young up-to-date girl of your kind but, as long as you're interested in, we could chat for the sake of chatting in English.
    What do you think of the GymGlish? Here in Europe most school teachers are still stuck to the British formal English. For instance a female teacher of my acquaintances didn't stand a pupil used the verb to hire for a woman who had been appointed as a secretary. Do you hire a woman as you hire a cab? she said. However women are now hired worldwide, the expression has come in the common use. In comparison to that, GymGlish seems to me to be the perfect antidote of stiff formal English. At the outset you are facing colloquial expressions that make you right up in the everyday language of natives.
    That's all the time I have for now and, as long as you want to chat further with me and, of course, with everyone else who would be so kind as to join us, it's up to you to go on.
    So long,

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  • I am doing well.
    For now I live in northern France. (Ardennes)
    I was born in England from a British mother but I stayed there for only some months. As a wee girl I used to hear English spoken over my head but I spoke French myself.

    What about you?
    Where do you live?
    Which is your mother tongue?
    What are you hobbies?
    Why do you learn English?
    See you,
  • Yeah, Marcela two five, there is I here. Go ahead!

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