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speak english

Hi !
I would like to meet anglophon persons, in order to practice my english. Do you know where I could find them ? or are you interested in the idea (only if you are nativ speaker... in order to progress !)
see you ! and I wish you to enjoy gymslish as much as I do !


  • Hiya iribulle!

    I just can answer the question you posed in the end of your first line. I mean "Do you know where I could find them?"
    You can find such fellows across the Channel or across the Atlantic.
    As you see this answer has to be taken as an inclusive alternative. It is that the "or" is not an exclusive conjunction. You might find what you are looking for across the Channel and also across the Atlantic. Moreover nothing points out that you couln't find such species elsewhere.

    Just a hint dear iribulle who, like me, enjoys the GymGlish:
    Even though you didn't request a capital first letter for you name, every Anglophones and their English language require one.

    I wish you to fire big game in your hunt for native speakers.
  • Hi iribulle, do you have an e mail adress ?
    I Am an english student from Paris, not a native speaker but maybe we can improve our english together, isn't it ?
  • hi, iribulle.
    i am a cuban girl, i speak spanish but i am graduated from Englisg language, and i can exchenge about this language together.
  • I thinks as eve2410 and as ablane
    what do you think
  • Hey guys!
    You can look for English penpals on the Internet.
    I found English correspondants and they're very kind.
    Eve2410, I'd like to correspond with you... 'Cause I'd like to learn spanish. : )
    If you want to correspond with me, please send me an e-mail there :


    Have a nice day !

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