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Hello from the South of France

I'd like to improve my English and get contact with some people speaking English better than I do!
I'm a French lady, have got 2 children. So I'd like to talk to an adult about many subjects.
Thanks and see you soon.


  • Greetings Helen.

    I am a French speaking man.
    I have had twice as many offsprings as you have. That was the big blunder of my life.
    I think that I'm a grown-up. I should have been for a while yet.
    The big unknown is this one: Am I speaking English better or worse than you do?
    How could we settle the point?
    I'll just make a suggestion. If you agree, you give it a follow-up. If you don't, we'll leave off there. No offence intended, no offence taken.

    Here is my suggestion:
    Each in turn we set out an issue or pose a question that the other has to answer.
    Sooner or later you'll be able to tally the mistakes I do and make up your mind about the fact that I could stand at a higher level or a lower level than you.

    Without further ado I lay out this double question:
    Are mermaids the sole species of sea girls that exist?
    Are the sirens songs always sung in chorus?

    I am curious to know if I'll get an answer.
    Gee (maybe sometime your Gee? It depends on the result of the "play-off"!)

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