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Gymglish Audio-Server - also available by a German telephone number


I don't know why but Gymglish does not inform German users that there is not only a French but also a German telephone number for those not being able to download the audio files.

Best wishes

Betty Blue


  • Hi b.b.,

    of course they sometimes tell us both of the telephone numbers. Do you want the second one (+49) 0221 999 985 513 (followed by the special audio key of the day), or was it only a statement?

    Have fun with your lessons° and best whishes too!

  • Hi Betty,

    Thank you for your entry - today, the audiofile did not work and I didn't want to call a French number. If the problem still exists on Monday (I always hopr, that my computer problems just disappear) I have a workaround and checking the tickbox will not be necessary! Great!

    Have a nice and sunny weekend,

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