The Delavigne Corporation



Yo, Bros & Sis of the GymGlish,
A news wire does require your attention and decision.

Bruno the CEO will soon undergo a surgical transplant of olfactory cells
that should enable him to realize he smells.
The cells to be transplanted are from monkeys.
Horatio has locked up his monkeys and keeps standing guard night and day in front of the cage.
Moreover he fears he could be fired if he wasn’t the only one any more able to create and test the fragrances of the Del Corp.
The Delavigne Corp CEO has made up his mind to undergo the transplant surgery after a hype made by perfume rivals Kalvin Krime and Grevlon according to which the Delavigne’s CEO would be incompetent in the line of work of the company. To back their allegations, they add that, as new researches prove, people having lost their smelling capacity are also liable to loose their memory.

We, customers who stick to Horatio’s perfumes, think that Bruno shouldn’t undergo the planned surgery.
You are urgently asked to send the following petition without procrastinating.

"I, customer of Delavigne’s lines of product, oppose firmly the planned transplant of olfactory cells into the nose of the CEO of our favourite Corporation."
(names from first to nick + email address)

Copy and paste the formula this very day, add your names and e-address and send it to

You’ll get an acknowledgment.
Your email address won’t be disclosed to anyone, if not to a possible prosecutor of a Court of justice and that anyhow under the seal of secrecy.
We collect your petitions on Yahoo outside the States to prevent any sabotage.

MIND YOU! Petition collecting will be closed tonight at 23:59 UTC (on April 1st).


  • What's the story morning glory, AhQ?
    I am flabbergasted.
    Be it as it may I signed your petition.
  • Signed!
  • See results of our campaign under headline correctly dated 040108.

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