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yes it was a very fuuny joke

and yes I was nearly sure that it was a Poisson d'avril
thinks again for all that you do
j'espére qu'il n'y a pas trop de faute


  • Phew! As you guess, Sophie, I hadn't got my corrections yet at the time I jotted my piece of 10:53!
    Now I am the laughing stock of the gallery.
    I had better shut up once and for all.
  • What are you talking about, Sophie?
    Is it of the strike of authors?
    I for one agree that they support the strike.

    About mistakes there were at least one and a half.
    The whole one goes with the word "thinks". That's the verb conjugated at the third person in present. Moreover "to think for something" could be correct if you mean for instance "think again and again for finding out better ideas."
    You might also think twice before acting.
    You might as well think of something.
    You might think about something too.

    The half-mistake is about "faute". In the singular the French "faute" refers to the quality of going astray. You didn't make any mistake as long as you took it that way. But I guess you were rather pointing out mistakes that could be made, yes or not. In the latter case the fautes should be written in the plural.

    That's just my conviction. I may be wrong. What do you think, Sophie?
    Just as you I hope there aren't too many mistakes in my answer.
    [CW] If you can, please, correct me.

    PS It might be a fishy day today but my loves are not fishy.
  • Poor Gee fell into the trap!

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