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to get what it takes ? Could tell me , what is the meaning of this phrase ??

is there anybody who knows ?


  • They've got what it takes. They are able or have the qualification to do a special job well.
  • Yes, rubberduck.
    I want confirm what rubberduck says with some details.

    To take is here used in the meaning of requirement.
    It takes time. It takes a lot of money. It takes patience.
    If a corporation is at stake, they have got what it takes means that they found the qualified workers for the job.
    Suppose hubsi has been hired for a job and he is doing everything well. We'll say "He has got what it takes to do the job." or simply "He has got what it stakes." or "He is up to the task./ He is up to it!"
    Congratulations hubsi!
  • YOU WANT TO CONFIRM WHAT I SAID: THANK YOU! YES and NO. It's not a requirement in that sense that you only have to demand qualification of others, but to be thankful for be given qualification.
    Yes, it takes time. No, it doesn't take a lot of money. You get it!
  • TFC (Thank you for correcting me)!
  • Hi rubberduck,
    You corrected me by adding the missing TO in my first line: “I want TO confirm....”
    I could also put a correction on the second line of your tip dated 04/04 10:44 pm.
    "…thankful for beING given qualification".
    I come in the forum to perfect my English. As it is not monitored, we have to help each other. That's not all that bad.
    Pleased to meet you.
  • From rubberduck:
    Yes,thank you for being given qualification. But this misbehaviour isn't important, your attention is more than I ever
    have experienced for such a long time. Thank you so much!!

    There are no mistakes, and I didn't want to correct you, by adding "To". I wanted to say, that I have to be thankful for everybodie's attention and who helps me to be strong and carry on.

    Thank you for your answer



  • Sorry, I can't handle that kind of communication very well, can I?

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