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A Story


I have an idea how to practice our English in this forum. We can invite a story: Everyone is one character and write his character.
I'm new here...
Is still there anything like that here or would you make a story with me?

I have some ideas:

- a village with different families, a school,...
character: parents, children, teachers...


- science fiction: on a space ship
characters: captian, ...

or what ideas have you go?

I would be very happy if some people answer:-)


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  • So the young 19-year-old woman (named Macha) wake up suddently saying "where am I, where is Sonia my twin sister, please please save her she can't swin" and in a second she closes her eyelashes definitively !!
  • I feel badly pain. I open my eyes and see a women. She speak but I can't understand her. After a while I fell asleep again.
    I woke up when a woman shakes me. I feel so thirsty I could die.
    I say weak: ,,thirsty, I'm so thirsty!''
  • (I'm sorry, but I hadn't internet the last days, because my dad change the rate and Telekom is to silly for this world.... Now I have internet again but it can happen I haven't it in the next time. I hope I'll have)

    (to Nancy:
    Three days later is a long time! A human can't alive longer than three days without water. Or have we water on the live boats?)

    (Do we need a storyteller who write things like: there is a island or suddenly a storm begins etc.? Who would it make?)

    A view over the persons:

    - a nine year old boy with his mother
    - Lucky bastard in the late forties years old
    - young 19 year old woman
    - a man from The Hague about 30 years old
    - Nancy (a nurse)
  • It´s so strange - is it a nightmare? All these people sitting and lying close packed like sardines in a tin. There is a fat lady on the other side - I hardly recognized her but I saw her on the cruise ship every morning when she dugged into the breakfast buffet, her little white poodle in her arm.

    Heavy makeup now smudged through her face and her hair looks so stringy and filted but she still wears all that jewelry round her neck. She is yelling and waving around. Must be a wicked hag...I´m sure she bedeviled the ocean so that it swallowed our ship. I´m so terrified - will there emerge a gigantic sea monster and kill us all?

    A man just gave me his life jacket. It is warm - reminds me of my fathers embrace. He seems to be next to me.
  • Hello,

    what a nice idea! Can I play along?

    My character:

    I´m a nine year old boy. I´m on the boat together with my mother. We were rescued by my father. He also tried to save my twin sister but in the end we had to watch them both drowning. Since then my mother has suffered from dumbness and I´m still under shock...
  • Lucky bastard
    (to the nurse): "Tell her she has to hang on for some hours more. I've just made out a land looming in the mist. It doesn't seem so far away."

    (to two men handling the oars) "Heading that direction, hey, men!"
  • Three days later, the young 19-year-old woman, sleeping badly injured on the lifeboard, hadn't answered Nancy's question yet.
    All of a sudden Nancy grabbed the girl by her arm and shook her up violently.

    (Note to the actress: Hey Kathi! Where are you gone to? You are called up on the stage.)
  • On boat 13, a middle-aged woman named Nancy, has forced her way to come nearby the lying wounded young girl. In fact Nancy is a nurse. She puts her hand on the girl’s forehead and asks:
    "Can you feel my hand? … Where does it hurt you? "
    The girl doesn’t answer but open her eyelashes.
    Nancy: "What’s your name?"
  • On lifeboat #17, Jan, a man from The Hague, about 30, bald and skinny, is sitting by the side of the pretty girl lying wounded on the edge of the boat. He keeps looking at her. A thin blood dribble is flowing from her nose. Something looks like to be wrong with her left leg that is covered with blood.
    But the call of the Lucky bastard from boat #13 has drawn his attention. He stands up and answers by waving both arms over his head.

    He shouts: "Godferdom, godferdomme, godferdommeke. My pate? Bald pate yeah! It's none of your biz, guy!"
  • [Lucky bastard thinking to himself] -
    "Oh Goodness gracious me! What a wreckage! I had never seen such a mass-drowning. I feel a bit proud now. Thanks to my may west I managed to save around fifteen people, females and males out of any discrimination. All those survivors are now on my lifeboat. Look at that woman on my left side. She must be about 30. And look at that wee boy, say, a five-year pretty boy who is sitting on her lap. I address the boy a grin from ear to ear. But I cannot get a smile out of him."

    [To the woman on his side] -
    "Put my life jacket on your son."- and he hands over the may west.

    [to himself] -
    "She doesn’t even turn her head, just as if she were deaf and dumb. Let’s put the jacket on the boy. Oh yeah! you at last give a smile, kid.
    Oh Goodness gracious me! What is it over there in the nearby lifeboat? Isn’t it a pretty beauty? Oh Goodness gracious me! Why the hell isn’t she on my boat!! She is lying on the edge of the boat. Is she dead? Is she slightly injured? Badly? Not possible, she looks so nice.
    Would she be dreaming? I have to call her out."

    [calling out] -
    " Hey! Over there! Babe! Babe! Ba-a-abe! Can you hear me?"

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