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A Story


I have an idea how to practice our English in this forum. We can invite a story: Everyone is one character and write his character.
I'm new here...
Is still there anything like that here or would you make a story with me?

I have some ideas:

- a village with different families, a school,...
character: parents, children, teachers...


- science fiction: on a space ship
characters: captian, ...

or what ideas have you go?

I would be very happy if some people answer:-)


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  • [Yes, I think you're right Gee. Ok I make the storyteller because I think that makes it more exciting because there are things which no caracter can play like animals, weather...but I do it only if everyone accepts it. Besides I find it important nobody writes for other caracters except if someone shall notice something what isn't real e.g. mirages...]

    Now, the island is so near that the water isn't very deep anymore. The water is about 1.90 metres deep.
    But on both boats they still see the mirages.

    Because I lay in the boat I can't see the island. I look at Nancy and say: "What's happening? Why do you look so happy to this direction? Why don't you react on my questions? I'm so thirsty..." But this have been all too much for me and I lose my consciousness.
  • I say weak: "My name is Kathi. I'm so thirsty, is there any water? Do you know what happened with my friends?"
  • !Stop: I don't understand this: Macha was another 19 year old woman than me in the same boat?! I want to be sure that I am alive.
    And I'm waiting that Nancy talks to me I can write again.
  • to michafrance:
    Hey I'm the 19-year old woman! You can be another character you invite by yourself.
  • what the hell happened on the other boat? A dead body was thrown overboard! There is nothing to eat and no potable water - do we all have to die??? But something appears on the horizon - is it a coast, an island? Oh please let there be a Burger Restaurant!
  • Nancy to herself: "Oh my! She is out again!"
    Nancy to Kathi: Hang on, Kathi! We are about to land, we are now in shallow waters."
  • [Note in the margin of the play, about the stage direction:
    Kathi asked whether we do need a storyteller who wrote things like: there is a island or suddenly a storm begins etc.? To my mind, if you point at someone to tell the story, I don’t actually see how the characters will be allowed to come out with their say. But if you want so anyway, I think you, Kathi, should play that role.
    The story should go on at the mercy of each writer, having some basic fair agreements on rules like these ones.
    Everyone will take into account what co-writers have written before and no one has the right to kill another active character. Each character has the right of committing suicide. But no one may murder another one who is personally engaged in the story. But they may make die a lot of other people, for instance those on boat 17, except AhQ who has showed up by himself.
    What do you think, Kathi and every others?]

    The story goes on:

    As the corpse is thrown overboard, the fat lady starts yelling louder than ever, the Lucky bastard heaves a sigh of relief, the nurse whispers "Gods rest her soul!", the deaf-and-dumb woman has a short jump and her 9-year boy just gapes in astonishment. On both lifeboats people now get mirages, the ones think to see a wild shore with groups of mermaids singing and dancing on it, the others can really see a popular beach with a burger restaurant, what makes their mouth water.
  • Nancy: "Oh my dearest little girl! Don't worry! You are still alive. The prove is that you now can speak!
    Macha passed away! Not you, my darling!
    Don't worry, it was not your twin sister either that Macha because she didn't look at all like you. Macha was a tall girl, brown hair, long sharp teeth, broad large paws. So she'll be a real feast to sharks.
    But you, my darling, now you have regained your speech, tell us, for your own sake: What's your name?"
  • Lucky bastard on boat 13, nearby the corpse of just died Macha.
    To people around him: “We should throw the corpse overboard. We need to get it off. There are still two miles rowing to the shore. We need to lighten."
  • Nancy (aloud to herself): “My god! She passed away!”
    Nancy (to the Lucky bastard standing nearby): “She was herself at fault! What the hell did she wait three days long before answering? She died from dehydration.”

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