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A Story


I have an idea how to practice our English in this forum. We can invite a story: Everyone is one character and write his character.
I'm new here...
Is still there anything like that here or would you make a story with me?

I have some ideas:

- a village with different families, a school,...
character: parents, children, teachers...


- science fiction: on a space ship
characters: captian, ...

or what ideas have you go?

I would be very happy if some people answer:-)


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  • (Thanks for helping me to understand the rules of the story! Have a nice day!)
  • Kathi to herself and to the surrounding people: Ah, that strange small sailor over there with his red hair, yellow clothes, woollen sailor's cap, smoking a pipe? I've never seen him before. But sure, some ridicilous noises I heard from time to time from this corner force me to think of the Klabautermann, who or which in future has no right of existence without his ship. Will he save us or himself with us to the isle?
  • I would like to play the role of the Klabautermann, if you need such a creature, normally invisible when the ship is blessed but now visible to the crew and the passengers of the doomed ship.
  • Kathi:

    I wake up. The woman over me ask me for a Klabautermann and says I'd know everything. I straighten up and look around me and see a funny creature I haven't ever seen. I ask me why the woman think I know everything and say: ,,I don't know'' Then I see the island. ,,An island, there will be water and everything we need! Why don't we go on land?'' I try to stand up but I can't because I'm too weak and my one of my leg hurt. I look to the Klabautermann and ask: ,,What's happened? Can you help us?''
  • [I want to apologize me because I work from morning to the evening very hard so that I can't write my character today, the next three days I will work as today. I will try to write tomorrow but now I must really go to bed]
  • The fat lady is really getting on my nerves - the whole boat is swinging up and down when she moves. I ask my mother if I can jump out and swim to the beach. "No, Tom! Don´t dare to do that! It´s too dangerous - there might be sharks around!!!" Suddenly I see a funny creature - very small with red hair (like Pumuckel) making faces to the fat lady. She looks bewildered - it throws her for a loop. At least she pipes down for a moment.
  • Thank God, I can hear my mother´s voice again - she jumped and shouted "Land, land!" when she saw the coast which we are coming up to. I can see a beautiful beach with white sand and palm trees - but nobody seems to be there to welcome us and offer us something to drink or some food...
    What will we come across??? Hello!!! Is there anybody around????
  • Nancy: "Wait and see, darling. It won't be long."
  • [Note in the margin of the story. To Gwendo: I find your say quite interesting but you are not allowed to make Kathi think and speak because Kathi is a character already cast in the person of the real Kathi. I for one decided to give life to Nancy who is my character. So I may make Nancy think, act and speak but none other. You introduced an interesting clue in the story but henceforth do it through a character of your own. No harm intended, hey, Gwendo.]
  • Nancy to herself: "Oh my! A miracle! The wreckage worked its magic: the dumb woman has recovered her voice!"
    Nancy to Kathi: "Hey, Kathi, my darling, you who seem to know everything and about everything, what kind of a being is that Klabautermann looming here around since the land is on sight?"

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