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A Story


I have an idea how to practice our English in this forum. We can invite a story: Everyone is one character and write his character.
I'm new here...
Is still there anything like that here or would you make a story with me?

I have some ideas:

- a village with different families, a school,...
character: parents, children, teachers...


- science fiction: on a space ship
characters: captian, ...

or what ideas have you go?

I would be very happy if some people answer:-)


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  • Klabautermann: "They would rather utilize the solve power of laughter than of love."
  • Klabautermann to himself: "Oh, I've lost my text! Was it "to be or not to be"?
    (With a shrill an loud voice, so that all the surrounding people could hear at least a strange whisper): "To be alive on a ship or to fade away without it, that's the question here an now. Perhaps some of these nice ladies could be persuaded to fall in love with such a nice boy like me, that would transform me from an Frog Prince to a real one. But there seems no chance, they are all concerned about their own things and they do like nothing to know about my long year lasting existence on the drunken (or sunken?) ship."
  • [I think there needn't to be a storyteller for landing on the island. The storyteller is only to make unexspected situations or things that other persons can't do.]

    ,,Why don't jump someone into the low water and pull the lifeboats on the beach? I can't because one of my legs is injured.
    I think we should go quickly on land because some peoples here get funny imagines.''
  • Tom to his Mum: "Look, over there on the beach, the man with the long hair and long beard! Is it Santa Claus? He´s carrying a big sack on his back, maybe full of Christmas presents. He must be on holidays here. My friends won´t believe me when I tell them."
  • Nancy to Lucky bastard: "Did you hear Kathi, bastard? Are you definitely a drip, my man? Are you afraid from Taliban, Klabautermann and all the caboodle so many people figure out on the beach? Are you waiting for the pigs will fly?"
  • Lucky bastard laughing out loud: "Here I am, Klabautermann the evil. Ah ha, ta da! Ha-ha, ha-ha!"
  • Jan shouting: “Godferdom, godferdomme, godferdommeke, my pate! Isn’t it a storyteller here on board to solve the Klabautermann hitch and make us land on the shore?”
  • Jan shouting: "Godferdom, godferdomme, godferdommeke, my pate! What’s that klabautermanneke with a big red rucksack rambling over there on the beach and making faces to us? For sure he made our ship capsize. I’d swear on my mum’s head that he is about to prevent us from landing!

    Jan to Tom’s mother: "Hey, m’dam, warn your boy. Hold him tight . Don’t let him thorw himself into the Klabauterman’s arms. Tell him it’s not Santa Claus."

    Jan piping down to himself: "Godferdom, godferdomme, godferdommeke, my pate!"
  • Nancy to the hothead of a Lucky bastard:
    "Calm down, bastard! That guy’s nothing of a terrorist. He is a agent of a rescue team of the FAO. The wreckage of our boat has come to the ears of Banki-Moon. That guy is there to rescue us. His red bag is full of bottles of water, rice, loaves of bread and medicines. You fool! Bastard! From now on, shut up, hey! You’re making all of us shaking with fear!"
  • Lucky bastard shouting out to all survivors on the life boat :

    "Look over there on the beach! Can you see that guy staggering along the edge of the water? Has he got mad or is it a drunkard? Can’t you see his rucksack? A red rucksack. Oh Yeah! He is waiting for our boat to land.
    For sure he is a Taliban.
    Be careful, all of you! When we land, snuggle up to hear him blowing up!"

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