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A Story


I have an idea how to practice our English in this forum. We can invite a story: Everyone is one character and write his character.
I'm new here...
Is still there anything like that here or would you make a story with me?

I have some ideas:

- a village with different families, a school,...
character: parents, children, teachers...


- science fiction: on a space ship
characters: captian, ...

or what ideas have you go?

I would be very happy if some people answer:-)


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  • Kathi:
    ,,Yeah, because you look on the ground, if you look straight on to the island you can see we are in front of a enormous forest. And I'm sure there is water. We urged need the water we haven't drunk for three days!!''
  • Kathi to Lucky bastard:
    ,,Thank you!'' After Lucky bastard puts me down I says: ,,We need to look for water, oh here, I can see, is a bush with berries. What's about you look for water and I collect the berries. Have we got container for the water and the berries in the boots?''
  • Kathi:
    ,,Ok, then can you help me to get out of the boat, please? Is this correct English?''
  • Storyteller:
    the lifeboats arrives to the beach so you can go out on land.

    I try to stand up, then I ask Nancy: ,,Can you help me to go out the boat, please?''
  • Lucky bastard to Kathi:
    "You'll have to make do with the berries, Kathi! Just hope the bush is not a mirage. As for me I can't see anything but pebbles."
  • Lucky bastard to Kathi:
    "Come on, babe! Put your arm round my neck. I’ll carry you down the sand beach. You need a doctor, babe, but I’m afraid there are none here around. You’ll come across a sorcerer, at the most!"
  • Nancy to Kathi:
    "Okey dokey, darling. Don't move. Lucky bastard will carry you onto the ground. He is yearning for nothing but that."
  • Nancy answering to Kathi: "I might help you to go out of the boat, Kathi, on the mere condition you ask me in a correct English." (lol)
  • On lifeboat #17, Jan, the man from The Hague, has got sight of two people standing on the beach. He thinks to himself: "Godferdom, godferdomme, godferdommeke. My pate! I can see a man over there… and a woman. They are naked. The woman has just handed a red apple over to the man. Oh my God! there is a snake coiling up the woman’s legs!"

    All of a sudden, Jan starts shouting loud and clear:
    "Hey, you over there! Adam! Don’t eat the apple. Eat the snake!"

    Then Jan believes he can hear Adam replying "Sorry, man, we are vegetarian."

    Jan piping down to himself: "Godferdom, godferdomme, godferdommeke. My pate! So much the worst to mankind!" Then sighing with desperation.
  • Lucky bastard to Nancy:
    "Shut up, nurse! You harpy! First of all try to come out correctly. Your last words were screwed up, eh! THE pigs? which ones? Who is waiting for when pigs might fly? For sure it is that young girl you call Kathi. She has thought of the best trick: she’s broken her legs!!! What a good trick to let others make the workout! SHE is the drip! Yeah! I heard what she badly said. She’d like me to jump into the shallow water! And what about my pants? They would get soaked through! Will the young girl dry and iron them afterwards?
    Yeah! She’d like to get on the shore, just because she doesn’t love the funny images some people are building in their mind. But we need imagination. Let your imagination run away with yourself, nurse, and you’ll enjoy the trip. Believe me!"

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