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A Story


I have an idea how to practice our English in this forum. We can invite a story: Everyone is one character and write his character.
I'm new here...
Is still there anything like that here or would you make a story with me?

I have some ideas:

- a village with different families, a school,...
character: parents, children, teachers...


- science fiction: on a space ship
characters: captian, ...

or what ideas have you go?

I would be very happy if some people answer:-)


65 comments - page 7

  • Klabautermann: The poison of the snake would be the best remedy in that case. But are they able to get it?
  • a very little kitten appears unde ra jacket and goes near the "five-year pretty boy" : this one gives a small and quick smile...and takes the kitten in his hands...
  • Nancy to herself: "That's melting my heart!"

    Nancy calling a weird creature in the distance: "Hey Chuk-Chuk, we've an injured girl here down. Don't you know which tree leaves could heal her?"
  • Oh my god!
    Everything is so sweet here. All trees and plants are blossoming. There are a lot of animals, lions, tigers, apes, birds and shrews.
    In my low country there were only cows, cheese, tulips and stretches of water.
    Look at that naked couple over there. The woman has a snake stroking her left leg and she makes the man bite in a big red apple.
    Is it what I think it is?
    Oh yeah! It's "paradise now!"
  • Lucky bastard: "I've got a stiff neck, old dear!"
  • Nancy shouting: "Lift your head up, bastard!"

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