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a little something

How much a little something should be today at a reception of an hotel...



  • At a hotel reception desk today the little something I'd love very much is a smile. Just a pretty smile, not a grin from ear to ear.

    Tell me, Gwendo, did I catch your say?

    [CS] a hotel
  • Hi Sandy,

    I hope, you caught it, because I'm really uncertain about this subject, because it differs from country to country and it obviously depends on the age and the sexe of the traveller. Do you agree with me?

    I would appreciate, if a pretty little smile was the right currency in this case.

    Thank you for your gracious answer!

  • So, we learn that Gwendo's little things at hotel reception desks are, according to country, sex and age, a tip, a gratuity, a largess, a bribe, a graft, sexual advances and whatnot.
    Who would not agree with Gwendo's offers?
  • a pretty little smile, or a mint, or a little piece of candy... in Switzerland even you can have a little piece of chocolate... swiss, of course!

    but, Gee...? "sexual advances"...?!
  • Not for me, readytogo, but for some people the sort of Philip Cheeter.
  • Very good wriggling out of the situation?! Projective identification?
  • Gwendo introduced me to unconscious optics as she is an psychoanalyst whitout knowing it - unless knowing it perfectly.

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