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how to translate in french "by the time"


  • It depends on the context.
    by the time = not later than > pas plus tard que, pour (ce moment où), etc....
    By the end of the week I'll have achieved this work > I'll have achieved this work before - or at last when - the week goes out.> J'aurai terminé ce travail pour la fin de la semaine. (Sorry, Willy, for speaking French, just for this once.)
    By the time you come, everything will be OK. > Everyting will be OK when you come, > Tout sera en ordre pour votre venue.
    By the time she dies, I'll have kicked the bucket. > Quand elle mourra, j'aurai déjà passé l'arme à gauche.
  • By the way, could you recommend me a very good Dictionary "English-French" and vice versa, which furnishes such good explications, Sandy?

  • No bilingual dictionary provides readers with "explications" but they do with explanations, my dear.
    I for one use the Robert&Collins Senior. But I cannot compare as it is my single dictionary.

    Well, Gwendo. I had thought you were a German native, would you be French native?
    And between you and me, tell me, are you a male, a female? (or a transsexual?)
    Thank you in advance for telling be. I promise I won't tell a soul.

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