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Grammar Problem

I can speak english pretty well and usually I don´t have to big problems with the writing, but this grammar lesson I do not understand at all : 1. It is critical that Philip is be (1) prepared for the meeting with Harold Warbuckle.
2. Bruno told Kevin that it was necessary that he is eating eat (2) a good meal before negotiating.
3. Susie had asked that Icarus is going go (3) to the conference with her.
Is it possible that the english grammar is different to the grammar in the USA ?
Can anybody explain that to me and help me understand ?


  • All three sentences you are reporting deal with the subjunctive present tense.
    It is critical that Philip be prepared.
    It was necessary Kevin eat a good meal.
    Suzy had asked Icarus go the meeting.
    To my mind, there is no discrepancy between Elglish and American with this grammar point.

    Let me forward here what my GG workbook says on that topic (partly translated from French).
    In English the subjunctive present doesn't depend on the tense. It always gets conjugated in the infinitive without the particle TO.
    Bruno asked that everyone be on time.
    I prefer that he go alone.
    She had suggested that they be polite.
    It was essential (that) he listen to me.

    The subjunctif present is also commonly used for structures of this kind:
    God save the Queen.
    May the schwartz be with you. (film by Mel Brooks)
    Far be it from me to criticize your work.
    Be that as it may... (= Whatever it may be)

    Got it?
    If not, get back.
    Be your workout very fruitful, fruityanna carissima.
  • Thank you for your help!
    I almost got it, but I still think this :
    "It was necessary Kevin eat a good meal.
    Suzy had asked Icarus go the meeting." sounds weird!!!

    I would never say it like that. But I guess I just have to take it like it is - even though I don´t get it. Maybe I should get a grammar book myself...

    All the other sentences make sense to me.

    Thanks again for the help and have a nice weekend
  • Suzy had asked Icarus go the meeting.
    Mind you!
    That means: Suzy had asked THAT Icarus go to the meeting.
    If she had said to Icarus: " I want you to go to the meeting", we could report it this way: Suzy had asked Icarus to go to the meeting.
    That's my opinion.
    Is it correct? Is it false? I don't know because I am a student yet.

    About the subjunctive preterit also called modal preterit because it takes the form of the preterit, it is rarely used in English, save in typical expressions dealing with wishes about non-real, imaginary facts or events.

    1. After IF (hypothesis)
    If Fruityanna came to my place, I would ask her a few questions.

    2. After IF ONLY
    If only she was here!! (non formal) because to be makes exception and has a modal preterit WERE.
    Formal writing: If only she were here!!

    3. After I'D RATHER
    I'd rather you agreed with me.

    4. After WISH
    I wish I were a lady. (but I'm not)
    I wish you called me. (probably you won't call.)

    It's about time we took a decision.
    It's high time he got a job.

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