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suis je la seule à piger quick les textes audios ?
Quelqu'un peut il me donner une astuce pour mieux comprendre les paroles sur l'ordi ?


  • Marie-Claire, you're lucky, I am envious of you !
    And to answer to Gee and all :
    As for me, I need using headphones (= headset ?) (it helps me for concentrating), for a first listening an I try to write most of terms used in the audio : and very often I feel many difficulties, above all when the speakers talk very quickly or with an accent or a rasping or throaty voice !!! I seldom understand all the audio the first time.
    And I repeat several times this exercise noting down the words I understand. But anyway I'm obliged to listen up & down the audio to understand the dialogue.
    When I get the correction I read the text listening again the dialogue, with headphones too.

    Just out of curiosity I would know if other gymglish users have such difficulties with the audio.
    I try to reduce the gap between my audio level an my written work but it's not very easy.

    I suppose it's easier for young people because they are more feisty than I (I'm 61 old and I never been in England or US) ?
    Thanks for your answers.
  • Hi,

    I do like Gee most of the time.
    By the way, sometimes i cannot hear clearly, even if the volume is on maximum.
    (And no i don't have a problem with my ears!).

    Do we hear better with headset?

  • Hellow Marie Claire. I wanted saying you that I study and I have learned french in my school, so.
  • guys????
  • hellow, i am harold , i am from Colombia. How are you?
    TEll me please
  • suis je la seule à piger quick les textes audios ?
    Quelqu'un peut il me donner une astuce pour mieux comprendre les paroles sur l'ordi ?
  • now more concentration for everyting in this systeme because learning wit a good one

    my ear are corecly probability d,ont need the doctor in my live i never see someting like that
    you can you d,ont cant more weet my for english

    cours gym glish today see you nex time for
    better one also comming in my head lesson
    the gee woman tuch me by are ecriture for me understand by speaker
  • this question i,sent not easy to undestand

    beacause between audio level written work

    i suppose easier feisty i d,ont no you questions

    ting and concentration and usse my head long temp

    for evereting in speaker and volume all so dont

    and up concentration are for me troubler
    youne childrens can kuily and easy for him d,ont
    tel me more about systeme fuck like ok speakers good pay more for the good one test is orreight
  • Oh Marie Claire, that's clear: you are quick at twigging what they say in the audios. Congratulations. Are you the only one being that quick? We should take a collective test to settle the point.
    By the way, tell me, do you use a headset?
    Sure you needn't - as me - to listen ot it several times in a stretch!

    As for me, when I can't catch their say, I wait for the correction issue to come on, then I listen again by reading at the same time.

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