English Vocabulary

swimming or to swim

Who of you can tell me whether both of these forms are correct?

I like to swim

I like swimming

Have a nice week with gymglish!



  • Hello Gwendo,

    I think it's better to say "I like swimming"
  • Do you know a good adress from internet where they propose a complete list of verbs followed of "to" or "+ing" ??
  • Hello Gwendo,

    Yes, both of those forms are correct, though the most commonly used form (the form used most in everyday English) is 'I like swimming'. :)

    Enjoy Gymglish!

  • how dye gwendo iI thing that it good to say swimming because if you say swim is bad because swim is the verb .if you say I like swim it stand for in french je veux nager but this sentence is false
  • Hi mathiou,

    I cannot meet your request and hope someone else will.

    I'd take the opportunity to come back to the issue ruling this thread.

    Some auxiliary verbs imply a following with to + inf. and others require the -ing form. But some, like "to like", accept either, depending on the meaning.

    I like to swim = I want to swim, I wish to swim.
    Would you like to swim in the pond? Would you like to swim or to sunbathe?

    I like swimming = I enjoy swimming
    Be it in general: I like swimming.
    Or at a particular moment: I (now) like swimming with you in this pool.

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