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Does any of you know the exactly meaning of Back on my feet.

Hi guys I am new in this forum,
Well I have doubt about the translation of the phrase
back on my feet, there's a song by Air supply where the phrase is mentioned. I do not know whether I am wrong or not but the significant I give it is : to start everything from the beginning, well involving the some I get it like to start the relationship again.

Does any of you know? Am I wrong.


  • Hope you'll find out someone here around who knows the song.
    Your interpretation of the expression might possibly be correct, it depends on the context.
    If you told us the title of the song, we could check the words of the song on line.
    Apart from that specific use in that song, the expression "back on one's feet" means healthy, returned to good health.
    ex.: I hope you get back on your feet very soon.

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