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lessons did not arrived!

I've a bit problem.
I did not receive the lessons of April 15th and 16th.
I read "FAQ", I sentan e-mail to Gymglish , and I receveid no answer.
What is what somebody is in the same situation?
Thanks for yours answers,


  • Did you check in your WorkBook, 'Settings' Tab?
  • From Willy The Security Guard:
    Did you check in your WorkBook, 'Settings' Tab?


    Yes. And I am very surprised because I made everything as it is indicated.
    More disturbing I received no answer in three e-mail left with Gymglish.
    I also verified in my "unwanted" messages and nothing...
    I begin to wonder what it happens!!!
  • Dear Willy, today it happened again that "the story" in scene 7/8 did not arrive. How can I answer questions, when I don"t know the text of the story ? This is already the 5thz time, that this happens to me.
    Walter Vorwerk
  • Dear Willy, the text of "The Story" did not appear in the e-mail I've got but it was shown only in the "Corrections". My bad results resulted from answers I could not give, because you did not send me the text of the story, to which I had to respond. What is Gymglish doing to me I am really annoyed....but smiling.
    Yours Walter+
  • Keep smiling Walter!
    No doubt you were a bit in a hurry and you failed to listen to the story which was only handed over orally, whereas the written text came in the correction. It often goes that way in the GG lessons. [Good to us who have to get used at understanding spoken language.]

    Sorry for anticipating Willy's reply. I'm urging you, Willy, to come and answer Walter's worries.
  • I didn't get my lessons yestreday and to-day

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