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  • yo tambien puedo practicar español e ingles con alguien.
    Ademas tengo un problema con mi curso de gymglish, he pasado dos meses con mucho trabajo y no he seguido las lecciones que me enviaban. Empece de nuevo, el 1 de Junio respondiendo al ejercicio que me mandaron y no he vuelto a recibir ninguna leccion mas esta semana me parece muy extraño y no encuentro explicacion alguien puede contestarme a esto, aunque sea en ingles. Tengo la suscripcion al curso hasta septiembre
  • Dear Petra,
    Pls try again in German or English I`m itching to know what your concern is. Kwame
  • please, what is "itching" and Kwame, Thanks
  • Hi Petra,
    I understand your problem, I would like to read more in Spanish, but I cannot answer in Spanish. Because of your intensive work during the past two months you found no time to do your daily Gymglish lessons. Of course they stop, when you don't send them back. They certainly have send you the lesson more than one time, but not for 60 days. I think, you have to do all the lesson and send them back with the button "send". Then you will get an answer, because you have bought the product till september.
    Hopefully! Good luck! Gwendo
  • my problem is the base in english i wil learn

    for speak and understand better everéting

    thas not easy shoud you for my give still eanought comparativement waht a do went you do

    not the same way thing hope ride wit my ordi.

    you to never .see that befor spécial day
  • Okay then, I like champaign or Champagner, and my favourite mark is Taittinger in all its variations. But what does a Champagner do on the rocks?

    If you want to receive a correction I'll try if I got what you would say:

    "My problem is: I will learn basic English
    to better speaking and understandíng everything.
    That is not easy. That's not easy.
    You should give me still enough comparison (?)correction(?) if (When) you do not (don't) think like me.
    I hope my computer works.
    Or: I hope to write with my PC. I have never seen such a gadget, gizmo,thingamabob, watchamacllit before that specia day."

    Have you got a dictionary? In which language do you dream?
  • hello!
    I enjoye to talk with everyone who want to speak and teach me english. It's the first one i am writting english, this programme (GYMGLISH) is amasing.
    I haven't got many vocabulary, could you help me please thank you.
    see you soon
  • Just a question : Have all the lessons for characters the DELAVIGNE?
    it's my 5th lesson and I wonder if there are lessons about something else than fragrance (it's too frenchy not english or american enough)
  • Is the story of Bruno and the Delavigne Corporation a true story? I have never heard about it, never come across these perfume shops...

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