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meaning of "to bring something even"

Hello everybody.

Someone talking about me said:
"I'll try to come when he does; no need for bringing anything even :)"

I don't catch the exact meaning of the second part of this sentence. Does anyone have a clue ?



  • Let me dream about you and the person you quoted.

    You and the person are at odds to each other, there a disagreement, a conflict between you two.
    He wants to come so that he meet with you and he tells the listener that no one should try to bring him and you to an agreement.

    To bring something even: to smooth away difficulties, disagreements
    No need for bringing anything even => There is no need for anyone to bring anything even.

    Don't worry. Be sturdy.
  • To be precise, it was a reply of the following proposition :
    "Do you know when is the thesis of ggf974 ? I could then possibly show up and meet you there ... with meat ?"

    Are you sure that I have to be on the defensive ?

    Many thanks.
  • I was joking, eh!
    However I can't actually understand the sentence you reported about bringing anything even.
    As you don't yourself, even more so I cannot.

    Nice to hear you are about to defend a thesis. That makes me curious!

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