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Who are you?


I'd like to know where are you come from and what do you do?

I'm from Germany. I'm a pupil in year 11.
I learn English, French and Latin at school. But the next two years I will only have French. That's why I search for someone who lives in France around my age...Do you know anybody??
Because I want to become a sciencist I must can English. Therefore I'm here.
I'm very interested in astrophysics.
I do a lot of different things: I play chess in a club, I like jogging, I'm in the schoolnewspaper, I play political revue in a group...

What about you?



  • Could you explain what is year 11 in Germany?
    Some French students might wonder about that.
  • Oh I've forgotten... For Francais(e) I'm in the lycée about the second year there. Normally they are about 17 years old. I'm 19 years old because I do year 11 again...

    To Gee: Thank you for your reference!
    But I'm also interested who you are. I'd very pleased to know a little about the persons I write in this forum.
  • Hi little Kathi,

    I am so bold as to address you that way because I am a old man, several tens of years over your age.
    If I could convince a wizard or a fairy to do their magic and make me get back to a 19-year youth, for sure I would get in touch with you, for you are imaginative and, moreover, you are fond of physics. Both things I like much!
    I wish you carry on your STORY to the best ends.

    Gee (a retired old man from Belgium)
  • Hello Kathi

    I am French and I live in Normandy

    I have 35 years and I am mother of a boy aged 6 called Quentin

    I work in a campground where the interest to know English

    I take long walks, and now I learn the piano that fascinates me enormously, I also want to make the photo

    I love the shows, the theater and my passion for travel

    This weekend, we celebrate the anniversary of my husband .... it's going to dance in the cottage

    That's all for tonight

    If you have another way "more English" to say anything I just tell you, do not hesitate to tell me!

    I wish you a good evening!
  • hello
    i"m a Tunisian studient..i've 18-years old -girl..
    i study science & this year will be my last high school year (bac)..i hope i'll get my 'bac' with an excellent this way,i can continue my studies & choose the exellent section:Medecine..
    for my passions:
    i love history sooooooo much..,science ,poetry & music...

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