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I have a suggestion for the forum. I don't know surely if there is already here: What about a link where the last answered topics are of all themes ( Enlish Vocabulary, English Grammar, English Idioms etc..) So that you don't have to go always through all themes.

I hope you understand what I want to say because I'm not sure if the English is right...if not, I'll try it again to explain my suggestion...



  • Hello,desolee,mais peut on mettre des messages en Francais,facilite pour les debutants.Merci Dhala
  • This is a great idea ! I'll write to the GymGlish Team (I've my ways!)

    Peace out
  • Kathi: That's a great idea: we'll note it down!

    Dhala: No, because this forum is used by German, French, and Spanish speakers learning English!

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