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as or like?


I have a problem with 'like' and 'as' because I don't know when I have to use like and when as. Both of them can use to make comparisons and translate in German it means the same: wie.
Can you help me?



  • Hello Kathi.
    I can tell you my mind about it.
    TO MAKE COMPARISONS is at stake, eh. Because both particle have a lot of functions.
    Let's look at them as PREPOSITIONS by comparing the two.

    Like as preposition:
    1. similar to; having the characteristics of. "This house is like a barn.""His face is like a mask."
    ***2. typical of. "It was like Kathi to start a tale."
    3. similarly to; in the manner of. "Kathi acts like a good learner."
    4. such as. "A subject like grammar must be at stake here."

    As as preposition:
    1. similar to; having the characteristics of. "This house is as a barn.""His face is as a mask".
    2. (does not suit here)
    3. similarly to; in the capacity, condition or role of. "Kathi acts as a good writer." "Jack works as an editor."
    4. (I would rather use SUCH AS in that function) "A subject such as grammar"
    [I wonder whether one could say: a subject as grammar. I for one would prefer to say: A subject like grammar.]

    Any reader who could help us out on that matter will be thanked in advance.
  • Thank you, I think it will help:-)
  • Mhh so what is the difference???
    When i need to use As and when i need to use LIKE
  • As I read your two lines, Angela, I wanted to tell you that in cases 1; 3 and 4 you could use as or like at your best convenience.
    But "as" has a lot of other uses (for instance the one I used starting this reply) where like can't be used.
    Look up in a grammar, a dictionary or your GymGlish workbook.

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