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Gymspanish?? why not?

Hello every body

I'm a GGuser since 3 months, and i've really improved my English. I wanna thank the GG team and tell you keep up the good work.

I am just wondering why don't you spread this experience to another langage like spanish. I am really interested to improve my spanish, but i haven't found any website like yours.

So i'll go ahead and suggest you a Gymspanish or something like that.
Who among the GGusers is interested?

Thanks again


  • Hello!

    I'm a GGUser for already one year and I improved my English by means of this funny way. Some month ago I started to learn Spanish, using different sources but I couldn't find something similar like GG.
    I guess it would also be a success because spanish is the second important language on the world.
  • Hi Frank! Where do you rank Chinese?
  • Hi Gee,

    It was my personal point of view that spanish is the second important language. Of course Chinese is getting more important due to their growing economy and I guess there are more native speakers of Chinese than native english and people who speak english as their foreign language together. Anyway, for my personal interest, spanish is still my favourite language to study besides english.
  • Hi hurbackle, hi Frank, Hi Gee!

    I'm taking a keen interest too in starting with GymSpanish, Gymfrench and Gymturkish in such a professional and funny way.
    But where are they?
  • gymspanish! gymspnish ! gymspnish ! gymspnish !
    let's do a strike perhaps they will listen to us lolll
  • I would like Gymfrench. But I think there must be enough interets and employees and I don't think you would make profit if there were offered a lot of different languages. I think English is the most learned language and that's why you can finance Gymglish.
  • I agree with Kathi, of course it must be profitable for them. They cannot offer every language, but maybe one or two universal languages would be feasible. GymGlish is for me the funniest way to practise a language.
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  • Hi everybody,
    i'm a gymglish user since more than 1 year and i enjoy it verv very much. Some months ago i started to learn spanish as well, because i'm going to move to spain for living and working. It would be really great to welcome the gymspanish page. I found one website for learning spanish which is entertaining and makes fun: if somebody is interested in it, please ask me for the address.
    Greetings to all! Elis Antara

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