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My leg or your leg ?

Has the use of “my leg” a special meaning ?
I didn’t understand the meaning of the last three sentences.
Can somebody help me ?

"""Donna : Okay. That was a real breakthrough. Congratulations to both of you. I suggest we end this very intense session with a big hug.

Horatio : And then a drink!

Bruno : Hear hear!

Donna : Oh why not! Let's head to the pub, boys!

Horatio : But first the hug. You too, woman!

Bruno Oh, I love you guys!

Donna : Is that your leg?

Horatio : No, it's not my leg.

Bruno : Not my leg either.""""


  • Hi Tony!
    As your question has been left in the lurch by 24 hours, I think I have to give you my opinion about this dialog.
    Don't forget that the GymGlish team are the funniest you could come across.
    The session coached by Donna is ending with a collective hug. Horatio takes Donna into the hug. We must think it is triangular hug. Besides Bruno says: I love you guys! But the only guy is Horatio, Donna is not a guy. That shows that Bruno is sort of tipsy. In the collective hug, arms and legs are confused. As they say "is it your leg?", they could have said as well: is it your arm, is your head, is it your boobs?
    Never forget that the GymGlish is a funky funny team.

    As you probably know yet: there are a lot of idiomatic expressions with leg : "Break a leg" (good luck), Are you pulling my leg? (are you kidding me?), etc...
    Have a sunny Sunday!
  • Thanks Gee for your answer.

    I asked the question because I was trying to understand it with the second meaning for "leg".
    I thaught they were joking with the two meanings. Like they say in French after a quarrel "1-0".
    But who has the point ?
    Both are saying "it's not my leg". (ce n'est pas ma manche!)
    Both are refusing to be the winner of the quarrel.
    Probably I am looking or searching too far !

    "a leg : une jambe
    the (second) leg (of a competition) : la (deuxième) manche (d'un concours)".

    You too, have a sunny Sunday.

  • Sure your interpretation can be taken into consideration, Tony.
    I hadn't thought of that meaning of leg.
    Doesn't it prove that GG writers are good writers as they let the reader's imagination work?

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