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somebody to chat with me?



  • If I clear catch your say, you wouldn't chat with me! For I am a man, no matter that I am give or take the same age of you, no matter that I am a bachelor, no matter that I am in good health, in good condition! No! I am a man! Goodness gracious me! Is it a plague to be a man?

    Well, roudoudou, wish you to find a chat-pal worthy of you.

    But If I might have misunderstood you, just tell me, roudoudou yu-yu!
  • no it is'nt a plague to be a man but I don't want someone who would hit on me.That's my only fear.If it's not your idea ,ok let's have a chat!
    why?because I'm a bachelor too and I have no friends to share my love for english.
  • Let's make a deal, roudoudou.
    You chat with anyone who can suit you, be it a female, a male or whoever else.
    And I'll stay there on guard duty to protect you. Don't worry I won't listen to your chatting. But at the first sign from you - you raise your little finger, you give me a wink, or whatever else - and I pounce and hit on. I'm very good at fisticuffs, you know. That's as simple as it can be.

    Let's shake on it, roudoudou.
    Just tell me where and when the chats will take place.
    Is it in this very lounge?
    Is it on air on a private broadcasting station?
    Is it on the phone by skype?
    Is it a life chat, a face to face chat?
    In any cases I'll be there. Count on me. I am your bodyguard, roudoudou.

    Looking forward to your reply.
    A very Lucky bastard.
  • you seem to be very at your ease in English and I appreciate
    The chat will take place in this very lounge yes If you don't mind.You have a great sense of humour and it reminds me the style of the Delavigne story.
    I'm a bit septical...
    -Lucky bastard...I already saw this nickname somewhere in that forum.I've searched for it again in vain.No more tracks of that Lucky bastard???
    -what does Lucky bastard mean? OK I got it on my dictionary!not very polite in fact!

    can you tell me more about you?why did you choose such a rude nickname,
  • Holy cow!! We made the deal, Mrs Roudoudou.
    You hire me as your personal bodyguard.
    I promise to be there at any time you'll be chatting with someone.

    What are you sceptical (UK) or skeptical (US) about, Roudoudou?
    Is it about my skills? You may count on me and trust me.

    I've been roaming round this forum for some time yet.
    You can find my details on the thread "Story" started by Kathi in this lounge.

    Against all your expectations, I am very polite.
    A special feature : always trusting my lucky star (that's why people called me lucky bastard).

    a bastard ?
    1. first meaning: an illegitimate child (what I seem to be.)
    2. something that is spurious OR of questionable origin. (both things that I confess to be.)
    3. an offensive or disagreeable person or a devil (what I contest to be.)
    4. a man, a fellow (what I think to be)

    But as soon as you put Lucky just before saying bastard, the whole takes a completely different sense. Lucky means fortunate, having luck, happy.
    So a lucky bastard is a fellow who is always lucky. French call that "un sacré veinard".

    Be happy, roudoudou. Don't worry. Your bodyguard is not an evil bastard but a real lucky bastard.
  • hello lucky bastard
    do you want to go on chatting with me?I went to read cathi's message and I know more about you.It seems as if your story about the big wreckage is over,is'nt it?
    So far ,I hav'nt got any other answer for a chat with me. How long have you been living in America?
    and where are you living now?
    I've never gone to the states but to England(only twice)and to germany where I had some very good friends(dead now).
    Do you think it would be possible we chat in"direct",I mean trough the net? I find it boresome having to wait until the day after to get an answer?
    What do you think of my proposal?
  • oh oh lucky bastard is in week end ,such as the gymglish team?!!I wonder wether he is'nt part of the team??? Of course no mean to check it..
    no matter.I keep a hope for an answer on monday or tuesday perhaps??
  • Good Monday, roudoudou.
    This is an answer tip by tip.

    Your message of May 9.

    °I am overwhelmed with joy at reading I could chat with you by myself instead of playing the bodyguard.
    °No the Kathi's story in not over, the wreckage is over but there are survivors who make the story go on.
    °If nobody came on to chat with you, for sure it is because they went in fear of your bodyguard.
    °I think you mistook me about living in America. I am for now living in Nothern France and Belgium, just astride the border. For some years I worked on a building site in Bahrein for a Belgian Company named BESIX. I was in charge of a shift team comprising Indian and Chinese workers. The site is that one of the higher-to-be skyscraper in the world.
    °Of course it possible to chat in live either by e-mails (just deliver your address) or orally via Skype which allows you to speak free from computer to computer.
    °I think your proposal to be interesting a lot.

    You Message of May 10.

    Yes indeed I was off last two days. The weather was so fine that I went to Nancy for a trip.
    For now, I am not part of any team. I was in Bahrein indeed.

    See you soon, roudoudou yu yu.
    Your Lucky bastard
  • hello,lucky bastard
    nice to read you again.I've prepared an e-mail address just for
    Ihope not to be invade by too many intruders!
    Finished my work for today.I've done my gymglish daily lesson(80% of success) and I'm drinking a cappucino caramel...The sun is shining and the appartement is quiet..I like it..Just a bit of time only for me.
    have you ever chat with someone through the gymglish forum?
    have you met somebody interesting?
    until tomorrow???
    have a nice day

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