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Losing the election humbled me.

I am spanish speaker from Mexico, humble means humilde, but I do not understand the meaning of this phrase "LOSING THE ELECTION HUMBLED ME" Could someone explain me the phrase?
Thanks in advantage.


  • If someone who was standing for election fails to be be elected, is deprived from being elected, one can say that they lost the election.

    Humble comes from latin Humilis, from humus, earth.

    Humble, adj.,1. not proud, not arrogant or assertive, (= Spanish adjetivo humilde) ; 2. showing respect (a humble apology) ; 3. ranking low on a scale.
    Synonyms: (1) meek, modest, lowly; (3) insignificant.

    To humble: that transitive verb corresponds to the Spanish verbo transitivo humiliar. 1. to make humble in spirit or manner; 2. to take away the power, the prestige of; 3. to lower the status of, to abase, to humiliate.

    Losing the election humbled me:
    The fact that the speaker has lost the election humbled him/her (in one of the 3 senses of the verb "humble" or in all the three at the same time).
  • I got it, was obvious, but I learn more, thnks
  • I would like to receive examples about so far and stinks, and I would like to know what does my participating rate means. I have 75% but, what I have to do to create a 100 percent.


    From Ely:
    I got it, was obvious, but I learn more, thnks

  • 1A) so far in the meaning of : to a certain distance, or degree.

    When the water rose so far, the villagers found higher ground (from the Webster's).
    The sun was shining as the clouds hadn't reached the mountain, but as the clouds were shifted so far, the weather got cloudy. (by myself)

    1B) so far in the meaning of: up to the present.
    I had never met someone going by the name of Ely so far.
    Has Ely listened to the breaking news so far?
    So far I have not gone to the hell.

    2) I forward you to http://www.answers.com/topic/stink

    3) Suppose I subscribed GymGlish for 5 lessons a week and that my average achievement of lessons is 4 per week, my participation will be rated 80%.
    Go to your Workbook to learn more.
  • Thanks a lot, I just want to make emphasis to secure if I have clear so far
    The year goes so far... IT´S THAT OK?
    I am not very good englisht speaker so far....... IT´S THAT OK????
  • I think you cannot say: have clear.
    I'd have said: I just want to put emphasis on some particular sentences;
    I want to make sure all that is clear to me (or: for me).

    No, this year doesn't go so far.
    Don't use so far to point out that the present year has reached the present day.
    But so far, this year was a good one for me.
    This year provided bad weather so far.

    You said you hadn't been a fluent English speaker so far but that you hope to become.
    I'll tell you that it's the same to me.
    Warning Ely: I could possibly be wrong about some details. I am a learner too.

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