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English talking friends

Hello everybody!

I've just begun to try Gymglish and I think it would be a good thing too to discuss with english talking people! So i'm searching for people to talk by e-mails, because mu web connection is too slow for coming on this forum!

Thank you!


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  • sorry about my mistakes
  • You come from RDC Kota zo, right! And you are improving your english, that is amazing. I think you write a good english and I hope we are going to keep and touch.
    Later Sir!
  • Hi!!!
    I am Cariku. I am new in this team and I think it would be marvellous if we can talk sometimes because this is also esential to learn english. I speak spanish and I hope we can meet us more.

  • You speak Spanish, that's fine!
    You think it's esSential to get by in English. You're right, Cariku.
    Most of GGusers would agree with you.
  • Hi English learner,

    I'm Ronny from Germany. In this days I'm getting 10 free mails from Gymglish. They have been starting their business in Germany. I think it's very nice. This is good opportunity to improve English. Am I the first German by Gymglish? I didn't read any sentence from a German user. But NO PROBLEM, we write in English.
    People from different countries and they all can talk ähh write together in English!
    I had always a 5 in school(When the teacher closed her eyes, maybe a 4)
    I did nothing to learn English. In the last, I think, 2 years I got love to English in my heard.
    I read the news in English, read books, when I send a sms or mail to my friends, I do it in English. I'm sorry my friends!
    So, I will stop, I wrote to mutch.
    See you soon ähh I mean read your statements
    And please, if you find some mistakes, oh, I don't know what I must write but you know what I mean, their are so many mistakes.

  • hi this is safa i'm looking to talk by e-mail

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