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hi I'm Camilo from colombia and I want to improve my English too. If somebody wants to do the same, maybe we can talk about anything....... just to practice and better if I have the chance to know other people, we can do that by messenger so if you want to and you have microphone, add me, my mail is we can make a group and share experiences or whatever you want


  • I want to speak englis too. so can do our group and converse togather if you want.
  • Hi Camilo i'm interesting to chat with you for improving my english level. I add you address to my list and my email is:

    Talk to you soon
  • hi Camilo,i'm interesting to chat with you if you want,my email is;
  • tanck everyboday arond me looking for my lesson

    there isteres at me i very surpris about that

    eamail are good or no good fuck in my heard trobel
    you are gentle man erond me and for the english cours in the futur the better comming walking every day 52year this is not easy allway woman check ....yes messager comming d,ont have child
    fader to my is very hold

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