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to make my english better

hi everybody iam cherwatte from Algeria i realy need to improve my english if you accept to help me because iam student and iNEED IT IN MY STUDIES. think it is the best way with GG THANKS TO EVERYONE


  • salam alekoum cherwatte !

    i am from france. i live near versailles, i suppose you know this town...
    Where do you come from in algeria ? I am french, and i have been living with an algerian boy since 10 years now and we have two children together. A boy called yanis and a girl called anissa...

    hope to hear from you soon

  • w alkekoum asalam
    hi brittany iam verry happy to hear news from french people; especialy you have relation with an algerian .i am from chlef i don't know if you 've heard about it ;sure your partner know it .i have finished my studies and iam thinking of preparing masster .god bless your children iwonna ask you if you benfit from GG courses i found them so intersting. iam waitting your answer take care bye
  • hello Cherwatte,

    Hope you are well. I don't know chlef. This summer me and my family are going on holidays at Constantine, where my companion's family live. I hope i will have some fun.
    By the way, what do you mean by GG courses ? is it the Gymglish courses you are talking about ? if so, yes i am learning english with gymenglish and i must admit they help me to remember all the english words i learnt before.
    That is all for now
    See you

  • hello brittany
    thanks am fine .iam sure you will have much fun ;constantine it's very nice place .yes.exactly iam talking about gymglish lessons .but now ican't recieve any courses ;they give me intermediate level perheps i have to pay ? before i leave this is a kiss to anissa and yanis
    have anice day honey bye

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