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high end equal high quality ?

I have just one question after doing my Gymglish lesson today about the meaning of "high end" products.
From Gymglish answers, high-end product is a high-quality product.

I had wrong in an exercise because I was considering that a high-end perfume is a high-tech perfume but Gymglish said that it is not a high-tech one but a high-quality perfume!

On the other end, for car manufacturers I feel that a high end car (S Class Mercedes for example) is a high-tech and also a high quality car .
Low-end cars are not low quality cars but only cars with few innovations or functionnalities like the Logan car ... so there are "low-tech" (if this word exists?) cars.

What's your opinion about the meaning of high-end ?
Thanks for your answers ;-)


  • Well, in my view, high-end equals high-quality equals expensive and high-tech or high-technology very often equals expensive too. So it can be very close to say the least. But I would not rack my brains over this. Gymglish is a piece of software, do not forget this.
  • thanks for the answer and ... for your sense of humour too ;-)

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