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Once upon a time...

Once upon a time there was a ...

Rules: Everyone can write further five words or less words. This way we invite a story.

I think in the Gymglish Forum can be more life! So I will start different topics and hope you write answers..


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  • The witch died of laughter and the little potatoes were alone.
  • Playing children discovered the potatoes...
  • But suddenly Agatha became ill.
  • Agatha had terrible tummyache..
  • They jumped out of the pot...
  • She threw up smashed stuff.
  • Agatha crashed to the ground.
  • They got juggling with Agatha.
    (Agatha is the sweetest potatoe.)
  • That was a smashed dancing.
  • Half-boiled, half-smashed, they got dancing.

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