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The best roman

What do you think is the best roman you have ever read?

For me: Harry Potter
Harry Potter is the first roman I can read more than once. First I read it in my mother tongue: German. Now I read it in English and after that I think I will read it in French as soon as I can French good enough.

And you?


  • Dear Kathi,

    for me the best roman I ever read is Dr. Faustus by (or from?) Thomas Mann in German. It mixed me up and changed my y view of life. I lived with the figures, above all with the little ill boy and Adrian Leverkühn, the main figure. I read it only once, but very intensively for months.
    The Harry Potter romans frighten me and I bought them for my turkish friends in turkish.
    (Correction wanted C.W.)
  • Hello,

    Unless you're discussing your favorite Ancient Italian person, in which case, mine is Julius Caesar, then you should re-title this thread 'The best novel'.

    Good luck!

  • I was about to think that nobody reads anymore but finally you solved the mystery.
    Okay: My favorite Romans: Vergil and Berlusconi
  • reading books is not really my cup of tea..i enjoy reading magazines.. favorite romans are : Le médecin malgré lui( Moliere) & la symphonie padtorale(andre gide).
  • la symphonie pastorale*...sorry ^^
  • Hi héra, the Tunisian going by the name of Hiba,
    1° Note that I wrote Tunisian with a capital T.
    2° It's fitting that you read Glenfidditch MacGregor's tip released on this thread on July 16.
    Summer is the right time to read novels. Enjoy your reading matters.
  • Hi Gee..thx u for ur advice ^^
    My problem with reading books is that i don"t have too patience to wait for a long story..For this reason that i prefer reading magazines..But that don't means that i'm against Reading or like that..
    i do enjoy reading & writting especially thougts & poems..
  • Please Hera, could you give some more details about your favourite novels, I don't still know them but I'ld like to read them.
  • hi samson..i really do like your would be a plearsure for me^^..
    the novells that i'm keen to read them are,especially,Romantic,tragedic,criticl novells..
    i find these themes with 17,18,19th century'sère(l'avare),guy de Maupassant(Boule de suif)...
    if you don't like to read french,u may find their translation to other language..Good luck&i hope you'll enjoy them ^^.

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