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The best roman

What do you think is the best roman you have ever read?

For me: Harry Potter
Harry Potter is the first roman I can read more than once. First I read it in my mother tongue: German. Now I read it in English and after that I think I will read it in French as soon as I can French good enough.

And you?

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    Let me give you a short sketch of the plot in the book for those, who might be interested…

    The author is depicting himself as a quite problematic boy, who is missing his real father and is searching for his own identity. He is beeing uprooted several times from places he is living with his mother and is never getting along in the schools he attended. He is a bright young boy, intelligent with a talent for inventing stories and writing – but in the same way he is inventing an image of himself which has very less to do with the person he really is: In fact, he is behaving quite recklessly to other people, has no real aims, is merely dreaming all the time, is doing a lot of pranks and is bugging authorities – like we almost all did it to some extent when we were adolescents (of course, not me, I was a model boy;-).
    When his mother marries a mechanic from Seattle, he is getting a stepfather, who has a severe lack of self-eestem and doesn’t like the boy very much and is giving both, the mother the son, a very tough time. The boy has a close and affectionate bond with his mother, who is suffering from the new marriage, too. The boy’s dream is to get out of his unsatisfying situation and is making up an alter ego of himself – he is fancying himself as a very good student, a leader of the local school swimming team and future member of the well-educated upper class. He is trying to get a scholarship at some prep schools in the United Stated by cheating in the applications forms, gets turned down by many schools, but eventually he gets accepted by the Hill School in Pennslyvania.

    Sorry to those who are bothered by this long article and for ccupying space in this forum...but feel free to overlook my article
  • Hi every body!

    The best roman I ever read is "Together it's all" (I'm not sure if it's a good translation of "Ensemble c'est tout" ) writen by Anna Gavalda. It talks about a girl and two boys totally differents who "meet each other" (?). We enter step by step in their world, learn about their past, their life and about what it hurts them.
    The book is better than the movie even I like it. We miss a lot of details in the movie. Anyway, I like the way of it's written, it's modern, really funny, and sometimes sad too.
    I have readen all the Harry Poter too and even if I don't find that it's well written, I like the story and the suspens. In the same way I prefer the books at the movies.
    Where do you come from?

    See you
  • my favorite romans are Danielle Steel
    She often write the really story.
    It 's soomething that helping me in my life
    Now,I read it in french but I will change as soon as possible
  • I find it pitiful that the word "roman" has been keeping standing for "novel" for so long in the titel of this thread. That can mislead too many beginners.

    'roman', with a small 'r' starting the word, is a metrical romance.
    It refers to a novel only when real persons or actual events figure in the story under disguise, in which case it's called "a roman à clef", imported from French.
  • Thank you Gee to learn us about it. I made the mistake.
  • Hello,

    i read a lot of french classic novel (Maupassant, Voltaire,...) and now i'm beginning my first novel in english, it's a novel of Paul Auster which name is 'The Brooklyn Follies'.
    I have a few problem of vocabulary but i like this novel.
  • Hello Leoauria, I also read english novels looking at unknown words in the dictionary ;-). I have seen Paul Auster's titles many times in bookshops but didn't buy any. Wikipedia tells interesting things about him and his books, so, next time, I'll buy one of his novels.
    My favorite book in the last months is 'The White Tiger' by Aravind Adiga, because I love India and because it gives a good look at what is happening to the people in rural and urban districts.
  • Hi Ugoid,

    when i have finished The Brooklyn Follies, i will see this novel. Thank you
  • Is Leoauria still on this forum ?... Well I want to tell him/her I have had a discussion with Ugoid about Paul Auster. I am reading a biography Ugoid lent to me : Paul Auster describes the way he came to writing books and I like it very much.
  • It's difficult to choose one novel between all the good novels writtten till litterature exists! Perphaps "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov.I liked a lot "Les bienveillantes" by Jonathan Littel, "La fin des temps" by Murakami Haruki and "Quatre générations sous le même toit" by Lao She.

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