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Where are you from?


I find it very interested to meet people from all over the world here. I'm from Germany and you?


  • Such shops like monoprix don't exist in German. But the names monoprix, franprix what they mean? Are there more different shops with the name ...prix ? Are this only names of enterprises or is this a term for specific kinds of shops?
    In Paris I didn't also see big stores. The only shop where I found food were McDonalds, but I don't like it much, restaurants and the shop at campsite where I had my tent.
    Maybe it's different from Germany with the shops in France, or not, because in Strasbourg I found all shops as in Germany. Perhaps I looked at the wrong places, I don't know.
  • I was in August there. The castle and the garden are more enormous then I had imagined. Only the mirror room, where Otto von Bismarck had founded the German empire (I don't know if it is the right translation for Deutsches Reich) wasn't so splendid as I had expected and I haven't understood why the electronic guide not say a word of this event...
    You must understand that Versailles is most well-known in Germany because of this event. And every German tourist goes to Versailles to see the mirror room. But actually, this is more a floor than a room.
    But the rest of the castle and the garden I have found very beautiful.

    Oh, what me now fall in. I have a question to you: When I was in Paris I didn't find épiceries, only after I asked someone by Versailles he showed us une épicerie under a cloth shop. So we had to go through the cloth shop and go down to arrive the épicerie. Is this normal in France? Are the épiceries always so hided? I mean either I'm stupid or blind or the épiceries are really hided...Can you help me? I had also difficults to find boulangeries, only at the métro I find some...

    Thank you!
  • Hello brittany!

    Yes of course I know Versailles! Last year I was there, it was very beautiful...
  • Hello!

    I find it very interested to meet people from all over the world here. I'm from Germany and you?
  • hello everybody, i am just a beginner at gymenglish and i think it is very helpful, to improve english.
  • hi kathi how are you ; you know me too i found it very interesting to communucate with people from all over the world essepecialy if it help us to devlop our english oh a im sorry i forgette to introduce myself my name is cherwatte from algeria i am21 old thank you
  • hello Kathi,

    I am very suprised about your last message. You did not find any épiceries when you were in Paris ? i don't often go in Paris, but when i go there i must admit that i don't really look at this kind of shops. I prefer the big stores. It must have some. in versailles the person you asked for an epicerie showed you the store "monoprix". there is one floor with chothes and under the food, that's right. in versailles there are also a franprix an ED, these are stores which sell food as you called "epiceries".
    and at versaillles there are lots of boulangeries (baker's) there are almost one in each street... i suppose it is the same in Paris.

    hope to hear from you soon
  • hello Kathi,

    hope you are fine, thanks for your answer. i am pleased that you liked Versailles and its castle. i think the garden is beautiful too. Which month did you come ?
  • kathi,

    hello to the german people. it is a pleasure to communicate with people from others countries.... me, I come from France, I live near Versailles. (the town with the famous castle ? Louis XIV... I suppose you know it...

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