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Word family


I write next Thursday an English test. I have to make my style better. Can you help me?
I need word families for example for ,go': walk, run ...
so I don't use always the same words.
What words you use often in Enlgish? And what words can you use instead?

Thank you for you help!


  • Dear Kathi,

    I suggest: To move, to proceed,to come

    I hope this may help

  • How was the test last months?
    Let's go on with the synonyms...

    to give up (one's resistance, hope, smoking)
    to break with (a habit)
    to resign,
    to come away from (an addiction)
    to drop,
    to throw over (a plan)
    to close down, to abandon, to surrender, to waive

    or th word families?
    to intend (verb), intended (adj.), the intention (noun), intentional (adj.)

    It was good fun!

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