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only have a talk;)

Hello to everybody!
I'm Nora from Germany and I also want to improve my english.I'm looking for somebody who want to have a conversation in english. I'm very interested to meet people from all over the world in this forum.
So where are you from?, why do you want to improve your english?....and so on;)
greetings nora


  • Hi Nora
    I'm french. I'm from Nice (French Riviera). I'm 54 and I want to improve my english within the framework of new professional projects. I lived in Strasbourg from 1974 to 1984, not so far from Germany...
    Best wishes
  • hi everybody,
    I'm french and live in a little village not far from La Rochelle (south west of France); I am 53 and just want improve my English to be able to understand english talkers and discuss in this language !
  • Hi Horestine
    How long did you learn with Gymglish? Are hou satisfied? I tried free lessons and it seems interseting, even if I thikit's better to learn and speak with a teacher and other students to really practise conversation.
    La Rochelle is a very nice city! I visited it on september 2006.
  • Hi everybody,
    I`m Roya from Germany. I like to improve my English too.I`m intrested to talk and to write English in this Forum from all over the world.
  • hey everybody,
    thanks for your answers;)..=>annie..I've been in Strasbourg two years ago,but only for one week.It's a very nice city! I've made the experience that there are a lot of people who speak German;).

    Is there anybody who use Gymglish for more than a half year?
    => hi Roya,.where do you live in GErmany?
  • Hi nora, I live in Augsburg nearby Munich. Where do you live in Germany?
  • Be all of you successful in your stalk to talks.
    If anagram might help, so much the better.
  • hi everybody I'm tunisian and a want to improve my english too. it's nice to be able to chat in this forum
  • hi tulip welcom here! certainly it`s very hot in tunisian now!

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