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help me with my english

I`d like to speak fluently english, but is very difficult to me. I`m from Bogota.Sometimes I had to speak english with north american people, but was very difficult, I can read and understand okey, but when someone speak to me or I listen news in T.V is very difficult.So I need too much help


  • hi, alfica you have already the answear of your problem: to speak english with north americain people is a way to speak fluenty english. Bye!!!
  • Hello alfica, I'm from Barcelona in Spain, my level in english is very basic, I think that you speak english better than me, but boht are going to learn quickly surely, I hope. Luky
  • Hello altogether,

    I need help to improve my english knowledge. I need english to work with in my job! What is the best way to learn surely fluenty english speaking?
  • I need to to prove my english My english is very basic Ineed english to work with in my job so ineed too much help
  • i ineed too much help in my cour but i undestand everyting in this lesson it don,t konw some mot like basic ineed improve knowledge
    my boht are going to learn well dépending

    what l touch ineed wont to give more for allway
  • tan you for this nmorning lesson this good one

    and the best one wope want have fun taking wit woman looking good eart for understand me more
  • it's difficult to speak english when you don'have any opportunity to use your english knowledges
  • k
  • hey my name is paty i f you want to practice your english...or french .add me in your email and write me

    my email is....:



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