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Vocabulary game


I know how we can improve our vocabulary:
I write a word with an explanation what it means then another person write a new word that begins with the last letter of my word and so on...

English - a language which we learn at Gymglish and is spoken in England, America, Australia ...

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  • hag - a woman who has magic power
  • trunk - this is between the leaves and the root of a tree and is wood
  • kin - these are all persons in your family: your parents, grandparents etc. are your kins.
  • goat: animal whose milk is used to make very good cheeses, dry or not. The male was considered as the devil's animal or as the incarnation of the devil.
  • Irish: peole who are native from Ireland.
  • cat: a nice pet, loved in Antic Egypt and hated in European Middle-Age because of supersition, who looks like a small panther when he's black or a little tiger.
  • drunk: situation of a people who has drunk too much alcohol.
  • neolithic (adj.) - refering to the young stone age, when agriculture and husbandry came up
  • yeti:another term for abominable snowman.
  • key: a piece of metal used for opening or closing a lock

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