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I know how we can improve our vocabulary:
I write a word with an explanation what it means then another person write a new word that begins with the last letter of my word and so on...

English - a language which we learn at Gymglish and is spoken in England, America, Australia ...

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  • yellow: 1. having the colour of lemons ore butter.
    2. cowardly
  • nothingness: a situation where nothing exists; the state of not existing
  • weather - the weather can be sunny, rainy, cloudy, cold, hot, good, bad...
  • simple: easy,
  • Titbit: 1 A small piece of interesting (sometimes juicy) information

    The guide gave us some interesting titbits about the town.

    I have saved the titbit for the end (when telling a story)

    2 Some item of pleasant-tasting food

    Grandma always has a few titbits for the children

    US= Tidbit
  • raven: a large bird of the crow family with shiny black feathers and a rough unpleasent cry (not to confound with rave: large party)
  • egosurfing: the activity of searching the Internet to find places whre your own name has been mentioned
  • domino effect: a situation in which one event causes a series of similiar events to happen one after the other
  • grandfather: my father's father
  • Tittle-tattle :
    (n) petty gossip, trivial talk, / rumor, hearsay
    (v.i.) to chat idly, to spread gossip.

    Tittle-tattle can be useful here down this lounge as long as chatterboxes have no point but practising a so-called English.

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