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Vocabulary game


I know how we can improve our vocabulary:
I write a word with an explanation what it means then another person write a new word that begins with the last letter of my word and so on...

English - a language which we learn at Gymglish and is spoken in England, America, Australia ...

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  • anchor (noun): a heavy metal object that is attached to a rope or chain and dropped over the side of a ship or boat to keep it in one place
  • ground: 1. the solid surface of the earth, 2. good reason (often pl) 3. coffee grounds.
  • right - 1. correct 2. opposite of left
  • dangerous - noun: danger, you can hurt youself easily with doing something or you are in a dangerous place where you can be hurt easily.
  • egg - you can eat it, it is white, oval and the chickens', birds' etc. babys hatch out the eggs.
  • endorse / endorsement - if you want to sell a product and you have no money, you need some to support you.
  • game - something you can play, like we're doing here
  • ta-ta : C U (as they write it by now.)
  • st : a stone
    st in St : a stone in Kathi Street
  • rrrrr : roaring

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