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Vocabulary game


I know how we can improve our vocabulary:
I write a word with an explanation what it means then another person write a new word that begins with the last letter of my word and so on...

English - a language which we learn at Gymglish and is spoken in England, America, Australia ...

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  • low: near the bottom, not enough, a reduced amount. Opposite: high

    low altitude, low temperature, low prices, low-fat yoghurt
  • a host: a person who invites guests to a meal, a person who introduces a television show, the main computer in a network
    a Host: the bread that is used in the Christian service of Communion after it had been blessed.
  • do: the first and eight note of a major scale in music.
  • android: a robot that looks like a real person
  • wild card. A card in games that has no value of its own and takes the value of any card the player chooses.
  • toll: money that you pay to use a particular motorway, road or bridge
  • loll: to hang loosely, laxly.
    Would you loll along the motorway? on the sideway? on Tower Bridge?
    Not to be mistaken for lol, mobile and internet slang abbreviation of laughing out loud.
  • oh! : exclamation suited to express diverse reactions. For example, "Oh mydear! How easily you play the scale in C minor!"
  • T : "that's it to a T" = "that's perfectly RIGHT."
  • tea : a hot drink appreciated during the afternoon - tea time

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