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A Story...only for adults...Read it until the end.

In 1931 Dr. Carl Van Kozel was working as a Bacteriologist in a Hospital in Keywest Florida. Tje hospital was filled with people suffering from the then uncurable desease Tubercolosis; Elena Hoyos was one of those unfurtunate people. Carl Van Kozel tried everything in his power to save the young woman; but despite his efforts Elena died 3 months later at the age of only 22. Van Kozel had been so taken by her beauty and before she was buried he had a death mask made of the woman, he had grown to love, but while at the cemetery he also realized that water would eventually seep into her coffin and quickly destroy her body. So he got permission from the family to build a concret mausoleum on the sight of her grave. Inside he placed a metal airtight casket which contained an invubater tank filled with formaldehyde to further stop any decay that might take place.
Dr. Van Kozel's obsession with Elena began to consume his life, he left his job at the hospital and now began to expend more and more time inside a little stone house, He wrote in his journal "I'm so happy I'm back with you my darling, very soon the hour aproaches when I will take you home with me", but Dr. Van Kozel nightly visits began to attarct the curious, more and more people wondered why he came to the mausoleum every night.
But once his visits suddenly stopped, and people began to wonder where he gone, years passed before Carl was seen again. To avoid the curious, he transported Elena's body to a small house near the sea. Neighboors said that they could often hear him played the organ late into the used to night. Day after day he would come and go, always carrying with him larges boxes filled with perfume and preservatives. Rumor began to spread and finally Elena's sister learned of Carl's srange behavior.
When she went to his home, she demanded to be taken to the mausoleum to see Elena's body.
"that will not be necessary", Van Kozel said, he proceed to take her upstairs to the bedroom. And there lying in the bed dressed in a wedding goverleas something that looked lide a doll, It's features glistening like wax as glass eyes starring in the space.
Horrified Elena's sister refuse to believe if this puppet was the person that she had known all her life, and she demanded that the body be authopsied. At the Authopsy the Doctor found she was basically a decayed corpse, just fragments of skin, no blood and bones that they heal toguether by puero wire. She had glass eyes and a wig made out or owni hair that had fallen out over the years as she decayed, as her skin deteriorated he would replaced with oil, silk and wzx. He used perfum to cover up the oder of the descomposition process.
As the pathologist continue the authopsy, they found that he had even inserted a vaginal tube inside of the body so that sexual intercourse could be performed. It was difficult to believe that a sane man could've lived this way with a corpse for so many years.


  • That's a true tale indeed, Sandra!
    That's the true story of the hidden humankind.
    Any human being is a fragile "machinery" and whoever they are, man of science or the man in the street, they are likely to turn into psychosis at a single hitch.
    How many artists and visionaries were mad men!
  • That's true but is a little creepy to feel that anybody could do anything even the people you love. We see faces but no every time hearts and minds...However, I love this story because I love mistery and literature.
  • What a sinister tale. I might fix the typos and put it in the Sunday Roast.
  • Yes I like the story. One great eternal love! A thorn in one's eye? Who would be alloved to judge and to convict him, he didn't hurt anybody by his strange passion to the angelic but lifeless woman!

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