English Vocabulary

hi, i have a probleme

hi every body i have a probleme with the voccabulary in english, i went speak in english with others people but i can't because my vocabulary is very bad and i can't (aprendre) lol
help me please


  • Hi Narimane Kheirani!

    What's your problem? As I understand, you come here to lern English, because your english is very bad. Okay. That's our situation at the beginning.

    Why do you say, you can't lern the vocabulary? Just do it, step by step. Little step by little step. The more you do it the better it will be after some weeks, if you do it regulary. First you only grap the sound or one or two words, but you will make progresses.

    Good luck!
  • "lern" ? not learnt ?
  • Thanks louispa0! Learnt but forgotten!
  • or "learned"?
  • if you have the books I advice you to learn in your spare time because english is simple if you red and practice it very well

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